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*Print samples

Have to print sample before purchasing our printer. Buyers determine whether the quality and speed meet their requirement from samples. Especially, observe if the production satisfies your estimation of investment return, and then decide if the investment is meaningful.

*Learn the operation of the printer

Operate the printer on your own or by the operator to feel the ability of the printer. The investment return is guaranteed.

*Choose educated and computer-literate operator

Operator is the key to make the printer run normally. They should have a high school degree at least, with computer knowledge, and professional experience. Designing skill is preferable. Choose more operators to learn, so there are choices of selections.

*Decide marketing position

There are many printers in the market, and different printer has advantage in printing speed or quality. Therefore, every model is targeting to various requirement. Consider if our printer is suitable for your market. Our printer is not for all-purpose, it is only a tool. The person or place determines.


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